Why Ezuru

Why Ezuru

Before answering “why should I use Ezuru’s platform for booking/hosting?”

Let’s first define Ezuru:

Ezuru is an E-Commerce gateway developed by El Sawy Group for Real Estate Investment 
Ezuru is a platform for leasing & renting vacation properties and related services.

Ezuru enables you to surf different opportunities and offers to rent units across Egypt’s best vacation spots: North Coast, Aswan, the magical oasis of Siwa, and the coasts of the Red Sea. We also enable our customers to enjoy a wide range of services that are accessible only through us.

On the Other hand, Ezuru guarantees the safest and the most convenient means for hosts & service providers to obtain their payments.

  Not only that, but also adding and horizontally integrating hospitality related service providers in order to create a hassle-free traveling and hosting experience. 

Ezuru’s aim is to build a community based on trust for both guests and hosts.

10 reasons why to use Ezuru

Ezuru is Specialized in short term vacation bookings

Ezuru is an opportunity for residential vacation service to shine, as it’s a platform fully dedicated for renting/leasing vacation properties, bringing exceptional customer experience for both guests and hosts.

Lists, offers and opportunities

Using Ezuru, you’re a click away from exploring Egypt’s best spots, staying at properties that suits you, all of that and more is offered by Ezuru at an economical rate.

Leasing & hosting hassle

Based on the Egyptian market behavior, traditional leasing process causes hassle to property owners, including fraud, price negotiation, scam calls and much more.
You can be at peace now! … Ezuru is offering the easiest listing process and guarantees the extra income you’re targeting.

I need help !

Communicating with the Customer service team is now easier than you could ever imagine, our Customer service team is available around the clock making sure you get the best experience, in case of any inconvenience Ezuru has created different smooth means to reach the help you need, whether you’re a guest or a host, you’re getting an exceptional experience.

How am I going to pay .. ?

Even if your host is thousands of miles away, Ezuru will ensure that you enjoy your vacation with absolutely no worries, as Ezuru will make sure your host receive his payment on time, you can either pay using credit card or proceed with a payment via a facilitator (Ex: Fawry, Paypal, Bank Transfer .. etc).

Guaranteed Payouts?

Hosts shall worry no more about receiving their payments as Ezuru receives the amount due from guests as soon as the booking is confirmed and the hosts’ payment is transferred in 24 hours after the guest checks in.

Getting to tell the community about your experience

Whether you’re a guest or host, by the end of the process you’d have gone through a new experience, and by the end of each experience you’re going to publicly rate and review your guest/host and share it with the community.


For your safety and satisfaction, Ezuru provides a secure messaging tool which gives the opportunity for both host & guest to get to know each other and to coordinate check-ins/check-outs schedules and any other booking related issues.


Ezuru’s Platform guarantees exposure for your property to the interested users, Ezuru recommends your property to users based on their preferences and interests. Ezuru also helps you present your property in the most appealing way by providing additional services such as professional photography, help with creating content …etc.

10 What you’re looking for:

Ezuru makes it simple for you to find what makes your stay comfortable, you can choose from a variety of property types and specifications to personalize your experience.