Trust & Safety

Trust & Safety

For the community’s safety, EZURU has designed the following:

Account Verification

For your account to be verified (host/guest) there are a few pieces of information after signing up that must be added such as (E-mail, Phone Number, National ID/Passport, Facebook Profile, … etc.)

Insurance fees

Hosts can imply insurance fees, However, it won’t be charged to the Guest but will instead be guaranteed by Ezuru in Case of damage or cancellation to be paid by guests, thus transfer them to the host’s account. However we don’t encourage hosts to apply this option as we guarantee interference and problem resolving in case of any inconvenience.

Secure Payments

EZURU’s payment gateway ensures that transactions are 100% secure using latest VISA fraud detection methods according to Global PCI compliance standards. That’s why we recommend for you to always use EZURU and never wire money or pay someone directly.

Scam prevention

The platform is built after considering all safety factors to become a scam-free platform, without any more counterfeit payments, not getting paid, or scam calls.

Secure Messaging:

Ezuru’s secure messaging tool lets you get to know your host or guest and ask questions ahead of time. After the reservation is booked, you can use it to easily message back-and-forth to coordinate things like check-in time and directions.

Customer Service

Our support team is available to help you make things right, EZURU created several ways to enable you to reach us, from E-mail to live chat and hotline.

Bad hosts & guests

Other than cancellation policies implied on both guests & hosts, each will be asked to write an honest review and rate their experience to be published publically. This will also impact on user filtering.

National ID Copy

Because you're bringing guests that you most probably don't know to your place, one of the main requirements for reservations is to provide a valid ID/Passport Copy to be validated by the team, this extra step provides more security for both Hosts & Guests and creates safer and more secure community.