Payment Methods

Whether you’re paying or getting your payment, Ezuru created the most smooth payment methods, one click away from you.

Visa/Master – Credit/Debit

by only adding your card info, you’ll be able to process your transaction and don’t worry about your information, Ezuru uses the latest secure technology from visa in order to make sure all your transactions are safe.

Fawry (Coming Soon)

By choosing this method, Ezuru will generate a code, using this code you can pay at Fawry point of sale in any city in Egypt or pay using your Fawry Wallet.

Bank Account

as a host, one of your top concerns is receiving your payment, now without any hassle Ezuru will make sure you receive your payment on time and directly on your bank account.

Fawry (Coming Soon)

Ezuru’s partnership with Fawry will enable you to receive your payments either cash from any Fawry outlet or to be added to your Fawry wallet.